Top 5 Tech Gadgets To Make Your Home Smarter in 2017

For many, the New Year means new aspirations. From eating healthier to becoming a regular at your local gym. For others, it may be something more on the intellectual side, like joining a book club, or simply reading a new book each month. We all know smart is sexy, right? Well, in 2017 it's time for your home to follow suit. We don't mean for your home to learn the poetic verses of Emily Dickinson or to study the cosmology theories of Stephen Hawking. We mean that it's time for you to update the tech-side of your interior dwellings.

In 2016, 80 million smart home devices were delivered worldwide. CONLON/Christie's agent, Dan Sullivan notes that “Our clients love when a home incorporates smart technology. It's proven you can save on utilities and make a home more enjoyable by making some simple changes. We're quickly getting to the point where some of these upgrades are almost expected.”As real estate professionals, we pride ourselves on being up-to-date in housing market trends. Especially trends that can add value to your home, increase efficiency, and ultimately make life easier. Therefore, we've done the research for you and are confident that we've sourced just the right tech gadgets to incorporate into your home.


5. Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest is an easily programmable Wi-Fi thermostat that learns your habits and accordingly adjusts to auto-regulate your home's temperature based on your (or your significant other's) needs. Which means, no more: "Honey, can you turn up the thermostat before bed." Nest now has you covered. After one week of turning the thermostat up or down before bed, in the middle of the night, or in the morning, this device will program itself to follow your sporadic temperature schedules.


4. Philips White Hue Ambience Starter Kit

Philips Hue smart lights let you set the mood for any occasion. From early mornings to romantic dinners these lights will cater to your every need. In the morning, Philips Hue lighting will gradually brighten to mimic the sunrise, which helps you wake up calmly and naturally. In the evening, swoon a new love interest with the subtleties of the warm ambiance. Not to mention, this can all be done from your smartphone, which also enables you to set timers and a lighting schedule for your home no matter where you are. 


3. Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Nest Protect is an industrial-grade smoke sensor that quietly tests itself monthly and automatically checks its sensors and batteries up to 400 times a day. A little obsessive? When it comes to protecting your home, 400 times a day seems just right! Nest Protect uses a light that gleams a green glow when everything is working properly or not, which means no more midnight chirps coming from the hallway when you've finally drifted off to sleep. Finally, did we mention that this intelligent alarm tells you which room is in trouble, all in a friendly voice. No more climbing a ladder to turn off your smoke alarm, as Nest Protect can easily be hushed by your smartphone.


2. August Smart Lock Keyless Home Entry

August Smart Lock allows you to lock or unlock your home remotely, so you never have to worry about whether you remembered your keys. You can control who has access to your home as well with the ability to create virtual keys for friends and family. This device also creates a daily activity log which tracks who enters and leaves your home. WIRED, a leading tech magazine states that "The August Lock is like a bouncer for smart homes." What more could you ask for?


1. Amazon Echo


The Echo is Amazon's intuitive hands-free voice control system. Like Siri for your home, although don't get the names mixed up as Alexa tends to get angry with that one. Alexa is an angelic being that will see to all of your household needs from reading to you with bedtime audiobooks to playing your favorite song on command, to ordering your "usual" Saturday night pizza. You can pair it with most other Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets in your home as well, and when we say most, wait for it. we mean that Alexa is compatible with our entire list! "Alexa, what's the top five tech gadgets for my home?" Oops, sorry, I was fact checking myself. You get the point, the Echo is our number one tech item for your home, simply Amazon-ing. Pun intended.




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