Where to eat in Logan Square?

For well-informed Chicagoans, Logan Square is possibly the best neighborhood for dining in the Windy City. Real estate prices were recently low enough to encourage experimentation by entrepreneurial restaurateurs. And these days, the area’s hip factor ensures a steady stream of well-heeled diners to keep things afloat. Still, this isn’t the stiletto crowd. Think artisanal suede mules. Think vegan leather sneakers.

Table, Donkey and Stick: The name’s weird. (It originates from a Grimm’s fairytale.) But this charming spot offers a unique niche: TDS’ inspiration is wandertellar, or “hiker’s plate,” food travelers would eat while climbing through the Alps. TDS elevates the classic cheese and bread with robust house charcuterie and loaves. Expect seasonal dishes like asparagus and egg custard with mizuna and trout roe. Or duck breast with marcona almonds. Or a fantastic burger. Expect rotating seasonal cocktails and a wine list expertly curated by an in-house sommelier. Expect to lounge near the romantic backyard fire pit, loving your life.

Parson’s Fried Chicken and Fish: Two words. Negroni slushies. Who would think that alcoholic freezies and a formidable backyard would result in one of Chicago’s most popular summertime haunts? OK, fine—nobody’s surprised. Parson’s is great for groups. Put your name in, linger at the outdoor bar, and once you’ve tossed back one or two, dive into fried chicken, pimento toast, and a garbanzo salad that’ll brace you with its gourmet subtlety.

Cellar Door Provisions: This intimate, informal spot seats only about 15 and it closes by 3 PM. But like a rare night flower, it’s worth the effort to catch this one. Find some of the most interesting and well-executed pastries in the city here, from caneles to anise cookies. The meals are modestly portioned and impeccably fresh. Come for the food. Stay for the… food.

Fat Rice: Ever had Macanese? Now’s your chance! The Portuguese- and Chinese-influenced fare proves unlike any other you’ll taste in the city. The namesake dish overflows with abundant flavor—sofrito, Chinese sausage, salted duck, Portuguese chicken thighs, pork, linguica sausage, prawns, and tea eggs.

Chicago Diner: “Meat free since ‘83” is the tagline of this long-lived vegetarian spot whose original location is Lakeview. Vegan reubens. Coconut milk chocolate malts. Seitan gyros. This place proves that vegetarian can be sinfully indulgent.

CONLON/Christie’s International Real Estate offers exciting properties within a stone’s throw of these renowned dining establishments. 1934 North Rockwell is a condo that charms with high ceilings and crown moldings. The brand-new duplex down at 2705 N. Artesian Avenue boasts clean lines and modern elegance. And 2234 West Wolfram Street allows residents the peaceful tranquility of the Chicago River—with the convenience of city living. Whether you’re looking for a great meal or a new home, you’ll find both in Logan Square. 

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Where to eat in Logan Square?

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