Thanksgiving Table Setting Décor

Nothing complements a great meal like an intoxicating tablescape. And at Thanksgiving, the sky’s the limit. From earthy to elegant, these décor ideas will let your personality—and your food’s flavors—shine.


Get fruity: Throughout history, centerpieces were edible! A bounty of often-expensive imported fruit festooned tables and offered a snack for hungry guests between meals. With this inspiration, don your table with a cornucopia: fresh pomegranates, apples, and pears all work nicely this season.


Go, go gourds: Squash? Pumpkin? Anything in this family is fair game for the harvest. Whether your gourds are au natural and edible, sumptuous in beaded velvet, or modernist in vibrant primary colors, you truly can’t go wrong.


Amber waves of grain: Wheat is beautiful, biodegradable, and absolutely on point for autumn.


Heirloom crystal: Antique lead crystal catches the light and uplifts the mood with its elegant sparkle. Highlight your glassware with candles and a softly dimmed room.


Family artifacts: With everyone gathered around the table, you have a captive audience. Incorporate meaningful family objects into your décor, and use them as a springboard for storytelling. The ivory spoon your ancestor carried from the old country? The jade chopstick rest? The meaningful sage? Teach your guests about your shared history.


Vintage china: You rarely have a chance. Embrace the day with your festive finest.


Say "yes" to silver: Even polishing your metalware can be a fun family activity, one that teaches your children about proper care. Mix classical pieces with high-end modern for an updated take on a timeless look.


An element of surprise: Elevate to artful with an unexpected twist. Gold leaf corncobs. Hollow out turnips into unusual candle holders. Embrace a pop of moody burgundy, black, or rich brown. Allow a wild tendril to curl haphazardly. Trust your gut and take a risk: often it’s the daring choices that steal into your guests’ memories.


CONLON/Christie’s International offers homes with dining rooms spacious enough to fit even the most formidable Thanksgiving bevy. The stately property at 67 Laurel Avenue in Highland Park comfortably accommodates dozens. 831 Diane Lane in Naperville offers double islands in a kitchen fit for a holiday top chef. And the cozy Logan Square victorian at 2721 North Mozart Street provides a floor plan that allows guests plenty of room to divide and conquer. Whether you’ll celebrate in a downtown highrise or a suburban charmer, best wishes to you and yours from the CONLON/Christie’s International family.


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