Smart ways to prepare your home for Earth Day

Earth Day only comes once a year, but there’s no reason not to observe the holiday’s eco-friendly principles every day at home. A few simple adjustments can hugely reduce your family’s impact. Here are some ideas:

 Adjust the thermostat: Just one or two degrees warmer or cooler will reduce your bill—and your footprint. The difference between 71 degrees and 69 at home? For you, probably not much. For the planet, every bit counts.  

Banish single-use plastics: Bottled water is the most famous offender, but ditch anything you’ll only use once before it spends eternity in a landfill. Next time you host, swap plastic cutlery for metal. Carry your own reusable bag to the market. Find all sorts of creative swaps at

Shop smart: Buy products that use minimal packaging. Stores such as the Package Free Shop make it easy. The retailer negotiates with suppliers to offer their wares without wrapping. Package Free specializes in creative, reusable goods such as metal straws, reusable cotton paper towels, and eco-friendly cosmetics. All orders ship in recyclable or compostable materials.

Upgrade your appliances: Have you switched from incandescent to LED lighting yet? The switch saves 75% on energy. These days, a range of stylish LEDs—including old-fashioned, filament-style bulbs—void any aesthetic argument against them. Low-flow showerheads delivers the same pressure with significantly less water, and start at only $8. 

Seal your home: You can have your home’s energy consumption evaluated, often for free. Then, seal air leaks, add insulation and upgrade to energy-efficient windows and a programmable thermostat.

CONLON/Christie’s International offers a number of eco-friendly homes. The contemporary Nantucket gem in East Lake Forest is a new construction, full of the latest energy efficient installations. And the skylights in this Roscoe Village beauty reduce your energy consumption by capitalizing on the sun’s sweet rays. However, you green your home—for Earth Day, or for the whole year—the agents at CONLON/Christie’s International would love to guide your journey.

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