As any marketing professional will tell you, understanding buyer's behavior is a vital step in successfully selling your product. In the case of selling your home, a recent study tells us that the overwhelming top two information sources used in home buyers' searches are websites (95%) and real estate agents (92%). Accordingly, the internet and real estate agents are also the main sources where buyers found the home they finally purchased.

CONLON knows home buyers' behavior. We utilize recent surveys in order to focus our marketing efforts and expose your property to the widest potential buying community. We invest in the broadest market exposure by focusing nearly 75% of our marketing dollar on our agents and internet marketing. At the same time, CONLON spends over 25% of our resources to cover traditional marketing methods.

Knowing your buyer: It is one more example of how CONLON's experience shines in today's marketplace.


Understanding Where Buyers Search for Your Home

Information Sources Used in Buyer Home Searches: 95% used websites; 92% used an agent; 72% used mobile sites or apps; 50% used an open house; 49% saw yard signs; 16% used a newspaper. Where Buyers Found the Home They Purchased: 51% on Websites & Internet Advertising; 34% through an Agent; 8% from a Yard Sign or Open House; 4% from a Friend or Relative; 2% from a Builder; 1% in a Newspaper; less than 1% from Other Sources.